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blink-182 – reschedule 2011 tour dates to 2012!

blink-182’s 2011 tour has been pushed back a YEAR, the news broke today on 18th March 2011.

I’m a huge fan of blink-182 and think the news that broke today is awful!  My  boyfriend and I had booked FLIGHTS and HOTELS as we were to be travelling hundreds upon hundreds of miles from the Highlands of Scotland to London to see them as there were no Scotland dates.  What a waste of time, effort and

Aberdeen blink-182 gig. August 2010. Copyrighted to me. No reproduction allowed.

money.  Yeah our tickets are valid for next year… but that means MORE flights and hotels and holidays from work will need booked!  Also changing the days is crap.  We had tickets for a Monday night – for a reason.  I have a child – childcare is required… and I can get childcare for a Monday night, which is why we chose London for the Monday gig.  They say my ticket will be valid for next year… and the date it  is valid is on a Friday.  Yeah that’s just great – I can never get childcare for a Friday night.

There’s a lot of people on Tumblr and Twitter saying things to fans that have been affected such as “don’t worry it’s only pushed back to next year!!” or “it’s pathetic how people are annoyed about it – they’re still playing – just a later date!”. Please THINK of all the money lost by fans… the time/effort/holiday time off work that people have booked too.  It’s not just a gig lost… Think of things like fans might not be ABLE to attend the rescheduled dates for other reasons.  They could have weddings, exams, be unable to get the time off work or many other things.  Please think of things they’ve already not booked for the time they were meant to see blink play THIS year – because they had this gig planned, they prioritised it over something else and now it’s too late to do the other thing…

Oh but yeah, blink say they’re going to play Glasgow next year now – so if we can get tickets to that (they go on sale on Thursday  21st March), we will go to that instead!

What a huge let down to all the fans who have forked out money for travel/hotel costs etc for THIS YEAR who will have to pay out again for next year.   Many blink fans are young too, and it’s not just about them – some of them have had to take parents to gigs because they involved travel and an overnight stay in a different city.  Those parents too have had to fork out and take time out of their lives… maybe some of these parents won’t do it again for next year fearing for the same predicament to occur.  The young fans miss out.

You should NEVER fuck your fans about… that’s just way uncool.

If they REALLY wanted blink to be BACK – they’d have put time aside and GOT THE JOB DONE.

To be honest… I can see them splitting up before next year.  I doubt this tour will ever happen.

I certainly won’t be buying any travel to and from Glasgow until JUST BEFORE the gig.  F  that.

If you don’t know what I’m on about – here’s the link to the details on the blink-182 tour rescheduling – click here.