>DANGER! Do not give me hormones!

>Hallo, my name is Louise, and I’m intolerant to hormones.  Yes, I’m weird, but I’ve long since accepted it lol.

When I was about 16/17 I went on the contraceptive injection Depo-Provera.  My GP persuaded me not to have it when I wanted it, but to wait a month as I’d be going on holiday just afterwards and that way my periods would stop and be better able to enjoy the holiday!  What an error…  The doctor never explained to me, that when you first go on the injection you can get mood swings – and boy did I have those…  I actually was wondering what on earth was wrong with me.  It was like I had a split personality and was stuck within my own head screaming at myself to let “the real me” out!

When on holiday, I remember my brother and my boyfriend asking me if I wanted to go to the hotel pool.  Inside my head I was thinking “yeah, sounds good…” but what came out of me was a tirade of anger and obscenities along the lines of “WHAT!? Why the F would I wanna go to the F-ing POOL!? For F sake!  Don’t be so F-ing stupid, F-ing a-holes!!”.  Inside me I was wondering “What was that all about!? Why!? I WANT to go to the pool!”, and of course, they went off to the pool and I stayed in the hotel room majorly upset, crying and wondering what on Earth had just occurred.  My parents, brother and boyfriend got a complete bitch of a Louise for that holiday.  I was nasty and bitchy and for no damned reason!  It was like I was fighting with myself to stop the bitch from exploding and letting the real me come back…

It got a bit better with time… but throughout the time I was on the injection I went through very bad mood swings.  The slightest thing could make me fly off the handle and see red, whilst the inside of me looked on in horror.

One of the most notable visable things was the weight gain.  I went from a big size 8/small size 10 to busting out of size 14 clothing in about a year.  The most rapid weight gain was at the start, then gradually kept piling on and on.  It was that fast I’ve got really bad stretch marks on my legs, outside and in and one biggish one on my left arm.  It wasn’t my pregnancy that caused them – it was the injection.  Time and time again the GP told me “it’s not the injection causing this weight gain… it’s your diet”.  Yeah my diet was poor, but I’d always been able to eat what I wanted and not put on weight – my mother was the same.  I didn’t want to get pregnant so I persevered, and even started thinking maybe the doc was right – it was just my diet catching up with me.

Condoms hadn’t been working for my boyfriend at the time and I, and those who know me, know my memory is appauling, so therefore I’d never tried taking the oral contraceptive pill – I’d be pregnant in no time!

Things changed one day when I flew off the handle on one of my uncontrollable anger moments and threw a big sharp knife at my boyfriends face.

Luckilly I missed – but only cause he ducked out of my way.  By this point I must’ve been on the injection for about two years by then.

I’d been drying dishes and putting them away and he’d left the knife in the rack, pointy side up, and I’d asked him a few times not to do it.  I just seen red, picked up the knife, screamed abuse at him for his error and THREW it as hard as I could at him whilst screaming a “aaaaaaaaaaarggggggh!!!” noise.  We were living in a bedsit so he wasn’t all that far away, and was lying in bed propped up in a sitting position.  The knife hit the wall where his head was.

That was our reality check.  This wasn’t normal behaviour.  Something was wrong.  I could have killed him!  I dread to think what would have happened if he’d not got out the way… would I be in jail now?  Would my intolerance been found out/believed and I be let off? I’ll never know – and am thankful for that too!

So back to the doctors I plodded, this time with my knife “story” to tell.  I told it and said “it’s definately the injection, I REALLY want to come off it!”.  The doc suggested I go to the GUM (genitourinary medicine) clinic at my hospital, since I’d tried and failed with condoms and was refusing to switch to the pill – no way that’d work for a Dory brained person such as I!

During my appointment, they LISTENED to me… they believed me about the rapid weight gain, and too about the holiday from hell, my inner me being trapped inside my body whilst this almighty bitch from hell exploded out of me, going against what I was actually thinking… they listened and believed.  In the end I had two docs in there with me listening to my experience.

They asked me about when I begun menstruation, what was that like?  Straight away I gasped.  It was like I am now.  Flying off the handle… my inner me trapped inside.  I’d long pushed that time to the back of my head.  But then, there in the office, I remembered the time I flew off like that and booted my Mother in the arm with platform boots on and making her cry in pain… my dad ripping my boots off and throwing them out the window and into our vastly overgrown jungle garden.  I remembered screaming whilst punching my brother in the kitchen whilst he was cowering in the corner…

You’re extremely intolerant to hormonal changes” they said.  It wasn’t common, but not unheard of either.  Oh the relief…!  They stuck a “warning” type sticker on the front of my notes, stating I’m not allowed hormonal treatments as they make me violent and make me have vicious mood swings.

So I came off the injection, and went back on condoms.  The docs said my only other choices were the rhythm method, withdrawl or abstinence.  So I chose the not so reliable condom route again – thinking for all the times they ripped etc, they still had to be more reliable than rhythm or withdrawl, and I wasn’t gonna be abstinent – I was only about 19!  They said I couldn’t really try the copper coil as I’d not been pregnant before, and with still being so young too, my womb wouldn’t be big enough for it to fit in.

About a year or so later, by then my then boyfriend and I had split, my weight had plummeted back to normal without changing my diet (SEE GP, it WAS the damn injection!!), and I had a new boyfriend and condoms kept splitting – again, and I became pregnant.

Unfortunately I miscarried the baby less than two months into the pregnancy, however because I’d then actually been pregnant, the GP agreed to try the coil in me – and failed as I found it far too painful.  I was meant to be returning to him in a month – actually during my next period (it’s easier then) for him to try again.  

When I next went to the GP, about a month later – I got the same man.  He said to me on entering the room “right, trying again are we!” walking to the cupboard to get the coil… and I said “No – I’m pregnant”.  This pregnancy was my lil man Daniel!  Of course, the doc asked how I felt about it, considering I was planning the contraceptive coil put in me, but I was happy as was D’s Dad.

During my pregnancy I got ante-natal depression, then post-natal depression… I had many of the “risk factors” – tons of them actually, so those coupled with my intolerance to hormonal changes… I should have really expected to get them, but I didn’t at all, and it was a shock when I did.

After D was born I got the copper coil – which has no hormones in it, and I’ve been “normal” as I can be since!  I just get very emotional/ratty etc during my period, due to my hormonal issues, I can’t control myself very well, though it’s nowhere NEAR as bad as when I was on the injection, I’m much more under control of that side of me now.

I can also genuinely say to my current boyfriend during “those” times of the month, that although I can be really be unreasonable/emotional/picky etc; hey – I have a medically diagnosed excuse condition! 😉

Hormones no longer control my life – I control THEM.  Self-control –  I now have it.

I’d be really interested to hear of anyone else who is intolerant to hormones or has had similar experiences – it’s good to share! =)

Louise xXx

PS. Tried making this as short as I could… could’ve been a lot longer, believe me!


>Wii Love You

>Conversation between my boyfriend of three and a half years, and my son aged six and a half years, during a “what if” conversation/game session whilst we were out walking a few days ago…

Boyf: “Daniel would you be upset if me and your Mummy split up?”
D: “Yes…”
Boyf: “Awww…” (gets cut off by D)
D: “Because if you split up, you’d take the wii away”
Boyf: (holding back giggles) “Okay, what if I left the wii with you?”
D: “That’d be okay then, you could go.”

Poor boyfriend!  He feels so loved and wanted 😉

L xXx

>Scottish Summers


Wow I’ve only just submitted a Gallery entry – NATURE (click it!) and now the new one is up LOL!  As soon as I seen the theme of PLAYTIME, I just KNEW what picture it HAD to be!

It took this picture a few days ago, for my blipfoto account, and named it “Scottish Summers”.  This is how the kids roll round here… rain?!  BAH!  It’s STILL PLAYTIME, they just get their jackets on and out they go!

Lets face it… this is Scotland.  If they didn’t go out and play in the rain, they’d not get out much to play would they! 😉

Scottish Summers

Happy “Summer” everyone!  I bet you’re seeing more sunshine than we are up here in the Highlands!

Louise xXx

>The Gallery – Nature


This week the Gallery’s mission was to get us to show a photo or two of our wonderful NATURE!

I’ve been going through the gazillions of photographs that I’ve taken and the first one I’d like to show you all as is one of me and a fellow blogger enjoying nature.   This photograph was shot by my 6 year old son who is following in his Mummy’s footsteps of being a photography lover!  It was taken a couple of weeks ago, during our trip down to Cheshire to visit – and stay with – Livi aka Princess L (find her blog HERE), the photo was taken on our last day when Livi was showing around her home town in all it’s beauty.  I love this shot not just because it was taken in a beautiful setting, but because also of what it represents.  A friendship, that blossomed through Twitter and ended up in me and my son travelling from the Highlands of Scotland to Cheshire to finally meet up!  This is us by the river, and it was a gorgeous little spot of nature!

Nantwich til 26th July! 018

The next up are these eyrar of swans!  Yep apparently that’s the collective name for these beauties.

Seen these last week, along the River Ness which flows through my city.  The most I’ve ever seen together before then had been three – this time there were FIFTEEN!


and last up, this gorgeous sunset shot I took a few weeks ago… this is a view along the River Ness up towards my house – which is along the banks of the Ness.  I took this photograph from one of the pedestrian bridges across the Ness.

River Ness Sunset

And last but not least… TREES.  I love trees too Tara!

Here’s some acorn trees.  These trees are on the Ness Islands, which are islands on the River Ness.

Ness Islands Trees

Apart from the photograph of me and fellow Tweeter and Blogger – Livi, the other three pictures were all taken within a 20 minute walk from my house…

What a gorgeous world we live in!

Louise xXx

>Why I want a … new house!


 This post is for the Writing Workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak!  (click for link!) I chose the prompt “Why I want a …. (fill in the blank)”. I haven’t taken part in Josie’s Workshop as much lately, and keep kicking myself saying – just DO it, even if it’s difficult topics to chose from and write about… but this week when I looked at it, I seen “easy” topics in there and thought – aha!  So this is me easing myself in… with a easy topic.

Why I want a … new house!

I’ve been in this flat for 4 years… I bought it brand new as a “part buy – part rent” with Cairn housing association scheme.  I bought 50% of it, in my own name as my wee boys Dad had credit history issues, and thankfully that I did too as we split up just a year after moving into here, and so he moved out and I kept the house with the wee boy.  When I sell up I’ll get 50% and Cairn will get 50%.

I quite like where I live as its along the banks of the river which flows through my lovely city and therefore only a 10 minute walk into the city centre which is pretty fantastic when you don’t drive!  My neighbours are all nice enough and we do the whole chatting whilst we’re outside thing…  catching up in each others news and what not, but we don’t actively help each other out with childcare, pop in for cups of tea and all the other things I wish I had the guts to have tried when we all first moved in here!  When we all did first move in, we did Ann Summers parties at each others houses… that was fun!  I had hoped that kinda female bonding and fun would’ve moved on to something more with us, but it never did.  Life gets in the way I guess as well as my lack of confidence.

My main next door neighbour “S” who I chatted the most to with, has moved out of that house due to their relationship breaking up.  He takes his boy, my wee boys friend, most weekends now, so D doesn’t see as much of him anymore.  I went to S when I had problems in the house, or my bike etc, as he always had the tool I needed, or the advice I needed!  Basically – he was the “man” when I needed one around here with stuff lol!  Really nice bloke who is well missed amongst the neighbours and I as our “Mr Fix-It”.  The girl to the other side of me, who is also D’s friend now has a baby brother… and her parents have told me they too are looking to move to a 3 bedroomed place, as they’ve now got a child of each sex.  Everything is changing… I need change too!

My house too has many faults.  Cairn never got off their rear ends to ever bother sorting out the snagging issues with this house!  Many phone calls, and visits from the bosses seeing the problems and telling me “yes, that’s not good, yes that needs to be rectified…” but they never actually bothered TO fix them.  Therefore my house still has many issues that just made me hate the place.  Yes, I hate this flat – it brings me down, and I don’t want, nor need that.  I need change!

For many years I’ve not bothered looking after it thinking “what the F is the point???” as it’s been a losing battle to get Cairn to do anything bout the issues in here… but now I’m in a happier place these days and I’m thinking – I just want to move!  I’ve always wanted a 3 bedroomed house with a garden that the wee man can play in.  So why not try and actually GET one?!  Nothing happens whilst we sit around on our arses… A new bigger house would make me happier.  I’d have more space, the place wouldn’t get so cluttered, I’d have an ATTIC to store things away that I need to keep, but don’t need out on view etc.  I’d have a spare bedroom so folk could come over and stay, and it’d also be a “den” that room.   I’d have a garden to lay out on, when there’s a rare hot day here… and somewhere to throw barbeques!  Daniel would be able to have garden toys.  I could even attempt to grow my own potatoes etc if I fancied it!  A new bigger house like I’ve described is the “next step” for me, and I want to take it…

So lately I’ve been decluttering, and trying to get the house up to the standard where I can sell the damn thing… and it’s gonna take ages.  However, my boyfriends been helping me and it’s coming along albeit slowly!  But I have a plan.

Once I’ve decluttered as much as I can and have got the place TIDY, then I’ll get folk in to fix these issues… which will be costly I bet, but not much I can do about that.  I can’t sell the place when the two bedrooms lights are temperamental whether they will turn on for you or not, and when the bathroom and hall lights don’t work at all!!  Not to mention the fact that the only phone socket that works in the house is the main one inside the hall cupboard – so I’ve got a long wire trailing from there down the hall for the phone!  That’s just two of the issues, but the “main” two I need to get sorted.  I’ll also need to replace the lino in the bathroom and I’m going to repaint the rooms that need touching up – all neutral type colours of course.  Only THEN will I take folk around to value it, and then I’ll see if selling up and buying a bigger place is feasable, which it should be.  However if it’s not – I’ll have a house that’s clean, tidy, organised, fresh AND has no annoying issues that drag me down! Win Win really!

So why do I want a new house?  I’m doing it for the Win!

Louise xXx

>Live for the moment!

>Live for the moment.

I can’t believe I used to be such a pessimist.  Since I changed the way I thought, and looked at life, things have been so much better… I’ve been better.  Happier.  I’ve done more things… and I’ve in turn felt better about myself and my “lot in life”.  I’ve also noticed a much increase in my self confidence.  As someone who has always had crippling confidence issues, this is a major breakthrough for me.

Since I started working in operating theatres, I’ve seen so many tragic things… heard such devastating, heart-wrenching stories… and it’s really made me realise that life is precious.  Life can be short.  Life is what you make of it.  You only get one.  So don’t worry – BE HAPPY!!  If you’re unhappy… change things.  What do you want to do?  How can you achieve this?  Think about it and set plans in motion to go for it… if you don’t try…

I used to think “good things happen to good people” and kinda naively thought that things would work out for me, and I’d get what I wanted out of life because I was good.  However, now at the grand age of 28 I’ve finally relaised that life just doens’t work out like that.  You got to WORK for what you want in life.  Nothing is gonna fall into your lap, unless you’re extremely lucky.  And the odds are, they aren’t gonna while you sit around waiting for it to happen…  You must push for what you wish for in life… and that’s what I’ve been doing.

This year I’ve finally been learning to drive!  This will me such freedom, will open up the Highlands to me and Daniel.  It will give us a lot of opportunites.  I’ve also been going on more trips, which was one of my changes I wanted made.

My boyfriend and I went to Madrid for 5 nights in February and seen the sights, and the gorgeous paintings.  We also went to a Real Madrid game in the Santiago Bernabau stadium, which is IMMENSE!

I went to a local “tweet up” where local Twitter users met up!  This was pretty damn cool too!! Met new tweeters there too to “follow” and found new friends.

I’ve went on a work trip down to Birmingham ON MY OWN to a conference.  This was a major struggle for me, and I was petrified beforehand… but I did it.  I grabbed the chance, and did it.  It changed me… that trip alone gave me confidence to get out there in the world… and because of that trip, leads on to…

This month in July was go down to Cheshire in England for 5 nights to meet and stay with someone I met via Twitter – my fabby Livi!  I also took my 6 year old son down with me, and we took him to Alton Towers and Drayton Manor for THOMAS LAND!  We also took him around Chester walls, and he found out about the romans, and we took him to Chester Zoo which was totally awesome!  The whole trip was amazing… and we met a friend for life.  Daniel also got to fulfill a life’s dream by going to Thomas Land.  If I’d not done the Birmingham thing, there’s no way I’d have had the confidence to go on the train back down this way again – WITH a child on board!  But we did it, and we loved it.

Also in September I’m probably taking Daniel abroad for the first time with my Dad, and if my boyfriend gets this new job he’s applying for, he’ll come too!

However today… I had a bad afternoon… I managed to scratch my laminate flooring in both my hall and livingroom.  When I scratched the hall, I dug a wee stone out the hoover and presumed that’s what scratched the hall, so then when I finished there and moved to the livingroom, I went and put a huge scratch along there too!! THEN I dug a blooming TACK out of the hoover!! NO idea where that came from…  I was pretty upset about it all, and thought I need cheering up!  So I set about looking into one of the things I’ve always wanted to do – and for charity… parachute jump.  I’ve managed to find out details of jumps in Scotland next year for Marie Curie, and after a quick shout out over Twitter and Facebook I’ve found someone to do it alongside me!!  This is my friend Wendy.  We were inseperable during primary school, then lost contact when we were about 12 years old.   A few years ago we reconnected through the social networking site Bebo, and met up again!  Well, I’m gonna be doing a parachute jump next year with my childhood best friend!  How awesome is THAT!?

I’ve done more this year than I’ve done in years… just shows you, what you need is a positive mental attitude… that’s half the battle – YOU!

I can’t wait for 2011!!  Bring it on!!!  I can’t wait!

L xXx

>Jolly Holidays!

>Yay I’m on holiday from work!!  This is a holiday with a difference though – tomorrow I’m off with my wee man, to visit Livi of Livis’ Little Bubble aka @Princess_L_88 on the Twitter!  She lives in England on sorta the West Coast sorta area… sorry my geography is utter crap!  Couldn’t even point to Glasgow on a blank map of the UK and I’m FROM Scotland!  Bah!

I’ve been chatting to Livi for over a year now on the Twitter/Skype/Facebook and good ol’ texting, and she’s fantabulous!  Call her my SFAM – Sista From Anotha Mista.

She’s got a whole itinerary worked out for our stay (she’s the organised one!)… we’re gonna have SUCH fun, but we’ll also be shattered I bet!  We’re off to a railway heritage museum, Alton Towers, a Zoo and Drayton Manor – to go to Thomas Land that is there!!!   Daniel will be SO stoked!   He’s been asking to go there for a year or two since he found out of its existance really!  He used to say he wanted to be a train driver – now he says he wants to be a train driver at Thomas Land!   I’ll ask for an application form whilst I’m down there… well ya don’t ask ya don’t get do ya!?  And surely with that kinda dream job there’ll be a waiting list…? LOL!

We’re gonna do a guest blog swaparoo whilst I’m down too!  That will be pretty damn fun too, so look out for that mayhem guys.

You should see the SIZE of my suitcase I’m bringing that is jam packed with stuff… however a lot of it is clothing I never wear mainly brand new etc, so I’m planning to try ’em on for Livi during a girly night of facemasks and what not and what doesn’t suit me/fit etc will be STAYING with her, and going to the charity shop she volunteers at for Hope House which is a charity of children’s hospices… surely one of the saddest things in the world – when a parent is going to lose a child.  It’s a wonderful charity and I’m pleased to be helping out by donating a ton of stuff to them!  I also have stuff of Daniel’s that I’m taking down that are going to the shop too.   As some of you know my wee man has a rare illness Occult Spinal Dysraphism and may need countless operations in his life, and so this brings this kind of charity very close to my heart.

So tomorrow morning the chaos begins that is getting me and the wee man from the North of Scotland to deep within England!   3 trains.  So two changes!   With what seems like enough packing for a MONTH let alone a week… it’s gonna be… “interesting” hahahaha.  Oh well, if you’re not following me on the Twitter, my username is @WeeWifie1981 and no doubt I’ll be tweeting throughout the journey for my sanity’s sake.  I think I’ve got more than enough things to keep the wee man occupied and off my back during the journey, so keep your fingers crossed for me for as stress-free journey as possible!

I can’t wait to meet Livi though… gonna be awesome!

Louise xXx

>Wordless Wednesday… Town House Joy


>The Inquisitor


The lovely Livi (who I’m meeting a week today!!) over at her little bubble tagged me in this Inquisitor questionaire!

Here’s the deal… you answer THEIR questions, then you ask your own 10 questions and tag people to answer THEM and yada yada it goes on…


* * * * *

1) My good friend is a cosmetic surgeon and is offering one free treatment to each of you, what would you change and why? (You can refuse if you’re perfect!)

Only one!?  Sigh…. Okay would love lipo, BUT that can be put back on again, so I am gonna say a rhinoplasty to fix my horrible broken twice bulbous nose – and just be careful not to break it again!

2)  Your TV is stuck and will only play one thing (TV series, film, whatever), what would you pick? (You can’t buy a new one!)

FRIENDS!  Of course!

3) (Stealing this one!) You have your own personal Tardis, where would you go and what would you do?

Ooooooooh I’d go back to childhood and do things differently… be more confident, be better at making and maintaining friendships, sorting the bullies out!!!! (not taking it from them in the first place etc).  Just lots of things for me to be less self conscious etc… oh – And I’d never start smoking!!  Plus when I was a teen realising I had a cracking tum on me, and actually enjoying it… it wasn’t huge like I thought it was – and NOW it’s pretty flabby so I LITERALLY can’t!

4) You’ve suddenly been gifted with all the intelligence/skills you need to do your dream job, what is it?

Hmmmm… I think I’m DOING my dream job!  Sorry!  Nothing else I’d wanna do more!  I love my job!

5) What one piece of futuristic technology would you like right now?

Oh definately a housework robot… 

6) Describe your ideal date to me (it can be with a partner or just a friend if you prefer).

Dinner where you get picked up or meet the guy at a nice place for dinner – not too posh I don’t like “fancy” food!.  Where you’ve both made efforts to dress up nicely, to be as nice for each other as you can.  Chat and laughter throughout meal – with some wine of course!

Afterwards a nice romantic stroll (if it’s nice) or a trip to the cinema… or even 10 pin bowling or the likes!!

I’ve never been on a “proper” date before… so really I’d not be difficult to please!

7) You can hire a household helper for any purpose, but they will only do one thing, what would you have them do?

Clear/tidy up!

8)   There’s going to a movie made of your life! Who would play you, who’d play the other main character and what would the main plot line be? (Would it be a box office smash?!)

Okay used to always think that girl from the film “She’s All That” Rachael Leigh Cook back in those days!! Now though it’d be Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame!  She does moody teen down to a fine art! LOL! 

9) You get a phone call from the Master of the Universe (the Goddess/God/whoever you believe in), they want to make some changes, what do you suggest?

No more HIV, AIDS, malaria and that sorta thing.
No more war.  
No more religion.
Sort out the poverty in the world!  It’s sick in this day and age that there are people dying from lack of food or water.  DISGUSTING.    Rob from the rich bastards, and lets get the world fed and watered!!!   
Sort out the political correct/human rights madness!!!  It’s way past the point of going too far!!!
Rich bastards – ie: your Bill Gates types, and mega-bucks actors/sports stars/musicians… basically those earning serious mega bucks like 1 million plus a year should give a TON of their earnings to charities – they don’t NEED it.  Greedy bastards.  Who NEEDS 5 vacation homes!?   Even tho my Master of the Universe would’ve sorted out poverty, there’d always be other charitable needs.
I’d end global warming.  But I’d make Scotland have nicer Summers like the south coast of England say!

Okay that’s about enough input from me on that one… 😉

10) And finally…there are two identical looking (wo)men: one is rich, will provide you everything you want but you have nothing in common. The other you hit it off with straight away but is poor and intends to remain that way. Which do you marry and why? (Yes you have to pick one!).

Of course the poor one.  It’s fine.  My earnings and his poor job one would make for an okay standard of living. Nothing elaborate but we’d get by fine with enough for a holiday every year or two. Fine by me.  Much more important than endless wealth, and a loveless marriage.  It’d not make my happy on the INSIDE having all the external materialistic things with someone like that.

* * * * *

Question Time!!

1.  What did you want to be when you “grew up”?

2.  What was your favourite subject in school, and was it what subject you were best at?

3.  What is your favourite song of all time and why?

4.  If you could re-surrect someone back from the dead who would it be?

5.  You win £50,000 what would you do with it? (much harder Q than the winning lotto types… £50,000 isn’t really THAT much in the grand scheme of things!).

6.  What was the best thing you’ve done so far this year?

7.  What one thing do you want to achieve by the end of the year?

8.  How did you get into blogging?

9.  Royal Family… yay or nay? and why?

10.  Last up… life is short!  What one thing that you’ve done (or failing that – WANT to do in life) would you suggest to me to do at least once in my life?

* * * * *

Okay taggin’ time!!

(Livi who tagged me, comment YOUR answers to me! LOL! Know you’ve done this twice already…!)

Sarah Blissbubbley at her bloggy

and Super Single Mum!

and anyone else… so drop me a line if you fancy it!

* * * * *

>Being Mrs P!


Panda Loving!
My boyfriend gets called Panda by one of his best mates because his favourite animals are giant pandas.  When we got together, his mate started calling me Mrs. Panda, which got shortened to Mrs. P. which he still calls me by (we’ve been together three and half years me and “Panda” *lol*)
He’d never seen one before, but longed to.   When we went on holiday to Madrid in February of this year (2010) we went along to it’s theme park.  However once we got to the gates we seen a sign for Madrid Zoo… with a panda on it!  That was it.  We had to investigate!  He lit up… he dug out his iPhone 3GS and with great excitement showing on his face he turned on the “data roaming” function and “Googled” Madrid Zoo.  There it was.  Pandas… in Madrid Zoo and it was right next door to the theme park we were now in!
So we did the theme park rides as quick as we could, which wasn’t difficult.  Many of them weren’t open due to the time of year.  We then went to Madrid Zoo.  
It was an amazing zoo!!  The first thing we did though was buy a map, find the pandas and head over there!!
His face when he seen the a panda for the first time!  Don’t think I’ll forget it!
I fell in love too… with the Giant Pandas!  Was already in love with the Panda loving dafty.  The way the pandas rolled around… reminded me of kittens or puppies in their mannerisms!  So big though, yet so fluffy looking! So cute!!  Gotta be seen in real life to fully appreciate these glorious animals.
Here’s a couple of photos of us with one of the pandas – the female Hua Zuiba.  
Hua Zuiba was born at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on September the 16th 2003.  Her name means Beauty Mouth in Chinese.  Hua Zuiba’s studbook number is 576.  Her mother is Cheng Cheng is 297 and her father, Ping Ping is number 377.  She came to Madrid Zoo, with a male – Bing Xing, on September 8th 2007.  A few months after Madrid Zoo moved into the new purpose built modern zoo in a new spacious setting on the outskirts of the city.
Unfortunately I dropped my camera and broke it in the zoo so we had to make do with the iPhone as a camera!
* * * * *
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