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>The Five F’s meme!


The Five F’s Meme
YAY!  A meme…
I was kinda at a loss of what to do today… as I didn’t sleep as long as I wanted before I start my night shifts tonight.  Tonight is night 1 of 7!  Then along came a meme… okay, today I shall blog!  
This meme is courtesy of the lovely Livi whom I met in July!  Find her blog  over here – CLICKITY CLICK!
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When did you join twitter? (You can find the exact date at
7th March 2009!  I even went out for drinks with the real life mate who introduced me to Twitter on 7th March 2010 for a laugh!!  We got a couple more of my mates out too, saying they HAD to for my “Twitterversary!”.  Sadly me and this mate who introduced me to Twitter fell out a few months ago over something beyond STUPID and have not spoken since.  It’s sad…

Why did you join twitter?
Well the friend of mine had his Twitter for a few months, and had been telling me it was really good and what not.  I popped over to his page, and some of the celebs pages… but I really wasn’t feeling it much!!  It looked way too complicated too.  However when I found Mark Hoppus from blink-182 had a Twitter and used it a LOT (he did back in the days before the Twitter boom!), then I decided I would finally join up!
Who is/was your oldest follower? Who did you follow first? Tell me all about them.( will give you this info)

Well one of them was the mate who unfollowed me when we fell out.  I still follow them though.  I don’t know the others though as the link above is telling me wrong people for sure, and I’m having problems looking back to the first followers on Twitter as it keeps going “over capacity” and my iphone app isn’t letting me go back that far in my followers either!!

Do you have any celebrities following you or have you ever had a DM from a celeb?

Yeah, well the Cheggers follows me – Keith Chegwin, as well as the Big Brother couple Lisa and Mario.  Have had tweets and direct messages from all three of those.  That’s about it I think for followers.

Have had tweets from Luke from Big Brother and Jason Manford the comedian.

Think that’s all… I don’t really tweet celebs, minor or major much.  I know there’s a fair few that seem to reply to most things some of them say whenever they’re online at the same time!  Nah… that’s just not for me!

However I’ve had a couple of tweets from Jaret from Bowling for Soup – much to my boyfriends dismay (who still hasn’t got a Twitter despite using it to celeb stalk folk he likes!!).  Here’s some screenshots I took for proof for the boyfriend lol!

If you could follow anyone who is not on Twitter – alive or dead, real or fictional – on Twitter, who would it be?
It’d be Jim Morrison of The Doors… Imagine his Tweets!! Fucking LEGEND.

Which came first Twitter or the Blog?
 For me, it was the Twitter… I’ve had webpages before though!  Just never a blog.

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Okay, I’m not gonna tag folk… I find it too exhausting going through the regular blogs I read finding others who haven’t done it already!  It’s much easier to just do this if you wanna, and just do it!  Letting me know would be nice, so I can come read yours…

Louise xXx

>I’m a Geek. So be it.

>Yes I’m a geek. I freely admit that, as soon most people will know! You see on Friday night I went to a meet up with a bunch of folk from Twitter… a “Tweet Up” and ours was named “NessUp”.

I arrived a bit later than everyone else due to childcare, and not long after I arrived a man from the Highland News local paper turned up to take a photo of the gang of us for a write up in the paper! I cringed at the thought, but thought I’d best be a good sport and join the gang for the photo. I’d not even had half a glass of wine at this point, so didn’t have that dutch courage type thing going on at all! All I could think of was “I’m a geek – and soon EVERYONE will know!!”. I stood there trying to pull up my top hoping it wouldn’t end up looking slutty in the picture that everyone would see, whilst also trying to put on a smile that didn’t look too fake or silly or over thought of, even though I WAS over-thinking it all!!
After this group shot was taken, I text my boyfriend about it. He text back simply this… “Well. You ARE a geek”. That made me think, well yes, I AM a geek. Why am I hiding and worrying about this? Embrace the geek I say! It’s who I am.

Folk at work will see this article, and a lot of them don’t know me too well. I’m sure there will be a LOT of gossiping about me to come in the next week or so once the papers printed the picture. Stuff them. I’ve decided I really don’t care! I’m a geek – so what?

Ness Up was awesome!! It was so great to meet a lot of the people I tweet with a lot – and they all were just how I’d imagined them to be like “in real life”. I also met other local tweeters that I didn’t follow at this meet up too, and I now follow all the attendees of Ness Up. It was a fantastic way to meet people I feel I already know, and meet new people who I hope to get to know better! You can never have too many friends. Who knows what kind of “real life” friendships will form because of nights like that night? I’m thinking a lot! After all, I’ve seen this in action before on forums etc that I’ve used and been part of.
I’ve done the meeting online friends thing before. In fact, the first time I did it I flew to Belfast for a meet up of a few different women and we were all staying in the Belfast ladies house for the weekend! Another time, I got the bus to Oban to meet a guy I’d spoke with for years online, to stay with him for a couple of nights – despite never having spoken before even on the phone, though we text and did online chatting all the time. It was like I’d known him for years when I met him! He’s still a great friend now, and lives in my city now.
Today is my one year Twitterversary – a year since I joined Twitter.
Embrace your inner geek.
I’m a geek. So be it.
L x