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>Food Glorious Fooooood – Dad’s Birthday


Yes, that was a The Gallery prompt… well it was – Food.  

The Gallery is a bloggers photograph workshop… find it here – CLICK!

Well this picture was taken on September 25th, as it was my Dad’s birthday on the 26th but was working. So my sister-in-law cooked us all a FABULOUS three course home cooked from scratch meal!

Was great spending time with my Dad, brother, sister-in-law, my two baby neices and my wee boy all together. The dinner was DELICIOUS!

The trifle was HUUUUUUGE as you can see here, my Dad about to tuck into it!

Here’s more food my sister-in-law made…!
There were two giant pies!  One was steak pie, and the other chicken pie!  DELICIOUS!  Loved how she made Happy Birthday on the top of each with extra pastry!

Golfing cake!

The bottom one here, is my wee boy tucking in to the birthday cake for his Ganga!  He couldn’t say Grandad as a little baby and called him Ganga, and it’s stuck!  Now his two baby neices will call my Dad Ganga aswell! =)
Food, glorious food!
* Louise *


>Scottish Summers


Wow I’ve only just submitted a Gallery entry – NATURE (click it!) and now the new one is up LOL!  As soon as I seen the theme of PLAYTIME, I just KNEW what picture it HAD to be!

It took this picture a few days ago, for my blipfoto account, and named it “Scottish Summers”.  This is how the kids roll round here… rain?!  BAH!  It’s STILL PLAYTIME, they just get their jackets on and out they go!

Lets face it… this is Scotland.  If they didn’t go out and play in the rain, they’d not get out much to play would they! 😉

Scottish Summers

Happy “Summer” everyone!  I bet you’re seeing more sunshine than we are up here in the Highlands!

Louise xXx

>The Gallery – Nature


This week the Gallery’s mission was to get us to show a photo or two of our wonderful NATURE!

I’ve been going through the gazillions of photographs that I’ve taken and the first one I’d like to show you all as is one of me and a fellow blogger enjoying nature.   This photograph was shot by my 6 year old son who is following in his Mummy’s footsteps of being a photography lover!  It was taken a couple of weeks ago, during our trip down to Cheshire to visit – and stay with – Livi aka Princess L (find her blog HERE), the photo was taken on our last day when Livi was showing around her home town in all it’s beauty.  I love this shot not just because it was taken in a beautiful setting, but because also of what it represents.  A friendship, that blossomed through Twitter and ended up in me and my son travelling from the Highlands of Scotland to Cheshire to finally meet up!  This is us by the river, and it was a gorgeous little spot of nature!

Nantwich til 26th July! 018

The next up are these eyrar of swans!  Yep apparently that’s the collective name for these beauties.

Seen these last week, along the River Ness which flows through my city.  The most I’ve ever seen together before then had been three – this time there were FIFTEEN!


and last up, this gorgeous sunset shot I took a few weeks ago… this is a view along the River Ness up towards my house – which is along the banks of the Ness.  I took this photograph from one of the pedestrian bridges across the Ness.

River Ness Sunset

And last but not least… TREES.  I love trees too Tara!

Here’s some acorn trees.  These trees are on the Ness Islands, which are islands on the River Ness.

Ness Islands Trees

Apart from the photograph of me and fellow Tweeter and Blogger – Livi, the other three pictures were all taken within a 20 minute walk from my house…

What a gorgeous world we live in!

Louise xXx

>Being Mrs P!


Panda Loving!
My boyfriend gets called Panda by one of his best mates because his favourite animals are giant pandas.  When we got together, his mate started calling me Mrs. Panda, which got shortened to Mrs. P. which he still calls me by (we’ve been together three and half years me and “Panda” *lol*)
He’d never seen one before, but longed to.   When we went on holiday to Madrid in February of this year (2010) we went along to it’s theme park.  However once we got to the gates we seen a sign for Madrid Zoo… with a panda on it!  That was it.  We had to investigate!  He lit up… he dug out his iPhone 3GS and with great excitement showing on his face he turned on the “data roaming” function and “Googled” Madrid Zoo.  There it was.  Pandas… in Madrid Zoo and it was right next door to the theme park we were now in!
So we did the theme park rides as quick as we could, which wasn’t difficult.  Many of them weren’t open due to the time of year.  We then went to Madrid Zoo.  
It was an amazing zoo!!  The first thing we did though was buy a map, find the pandas and head over there!!
His face when he seen the a panda for the first time!  Don’t think I’ll forget it!
I fell in love too… with the Giant Pandas!  Was already in love with the Panda loving dafty.  The way the pandas rolled around… reminded me of kittens or puppies in their mannerisms!  So big though, yet so fluffy looking! So cute!!  Gotta be seen in real life to fully appreciate these glorious animals.
Here’s a couple of photos of us with one of the pandas – the female Hua Zuiba.  
Hua Zuiba was born at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on September the 16th 2003.  Her name means Beauty Mouth in Chinese.  Hua Zuiba’s studbook number is 576.  Her mother is Cheng Cheng is 297 and her father, Ping Ping is number 377.  She came to Madrid Zoo, with a male – Bing Xing, on September 8th 2007.  A few months after Madrid Zoo moved into the new purpose built modern zoo in a new spacious setting on the outskirts of the city.
Unfortunately I dropped my camera and broke it in the zoo so we had to make do with the iPhone as a camera!
* * * * *
This post was inspired by The Gallery.  A photographic workshop.  This post was for the subject of “Creatures. Click the badge below to see what it’s all about!  

>Still Life Femur


This is the femur component of a total hip replacement. It is an Exeter stem.

This photo is a tiny glimpse into the job I adore as an operating theatre nurse with orthopaedics being my main base and specialty.

This is the hip implant on top of one of the metal theatre trollies, and I love how it turned out!

My boss when he gave it to me said “Here’s a present for you, it was refunded by the rep as the attatchment had a fault… nice ornament for you?!”.

to which I replied with thanks, and that I’d get it tattooed where it will inevitably go when I’m old and needing my hip replaced 😉

This is a few hundred pounds worth of implant here… what shall I do with it?!  Frame!? LOL! 

* * * * *

Check out my daily photographs at my BLIPFOTO account

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This post was for The Gallery photograph workshop!

The theme was “Still Life”.

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>Friendships… Photo Booths!


* Friendship *
Me and my bonkers friend Sarah… 
I love our friendship!
We met back on our first day at nursing university.  She’s as insane as I am, but I think she’s actually overtaken me in the bonkers state now… something we spoke about yesterday in fact!
She does THE most impressive burps you’ll ever hear from a woman.  Fact!
I call her Sarah Star.  This is ’cause back at Uni in our wee “gang” of six that were friends there were two Sarah’s, two Louise’s and a Joanne and a Jenna!  We forever had to distinguish between the two Sarah’s but in the early days we’d forget the surnames… so Sarah was working at Starbucks at the time and the other Sarah in Schuh.  So they became Sarah Star and Sarah Schuh… and the names have stuck!  For me, I got called “Wee Lou”, “Wee One” and “Wee Man” (!), and the other Louise was Big Lou.   I’m short ya see – hence the internet name WeeWifie, and the other Louise was very tall!
I love my Sarah Star.  She is a star to me.
* * * * *

This is me and my boyfriend Iain… 
We started off as work colleague friends.  Have such similar humour, we can have such a laugh!  We’ve been together for just under three and a half years now.
This is us just mucking about one night for “shits and giggles”.
* * * * *

These pictures were all taken on the iPhone app “Photo Booth Classic Plus”.  You can find it in the app store at a cost of £1.19.  

* * * * *

This post was for the extremely fun “The Gallery” photographic workshop started by Tara over at her blog Sticky Fingers.



Me at work… and after a mess about on the iPhone Photoshop app!

Me all ready to go see New Moon for the first time in the cinema earlier this year!

Wearing my Edward New Moon t-shirt that my boyfriend bought for me haha.

So there you go!  A variety of recent self-portrait pics of me!
You don’t wanna see one of me right now as I’ve got a skin reaction on my face!  Yuck!  
L x
* * * * *
This post was for The Gallery.
The prompt was “self-portrait”.
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>The male in my life


This is my boy on his first day of school in September 2009.  He’s six, and could’ve started the year before, but I chose to have him start when he was six.  It was such a big day for him!  He was looking forward to it for months before hand… so eager to be a big boy!  
That day was big for me too… another milestone passed with no major complications having arised as a result of Daniel’s Occult Spinal Dysraphism – the rare neurological disorder that he was born with.
It was so strange when the realisation hit me – I had a child in Primary School…!??
There is just me and the wee man living in this house.  The male in my life.  My one consistent.  There will always be “Louise and Daniel”.
with love from 
Louise and Daniel
* * * * *
This post was for The Gallery.  Week 11.
The theme was “men”.
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>U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi… you UGLY! You UGLY!


This week over at Sticky Finger’s The Gallery photograph workshop blogaroo, the theme was ugly.  Tricky one!  However when I started to think about what really WAS ugly in the world, I thought of one of the things that freak me out… mould and “foost” (fusty yuckness stuff!).  That lead me to think of, drum roll please……
I give you, my minging just emptied wheelie bin!!!

Oh my goodness it makes me feel quite icky looking at it…
There’s no way on earth I’m ever going to CLEAN it though… god no no no!
You may think “But you work in operating theatres and see and touch many a disgusting thing….!”.  Yes you are correct.  But I cannot and will not ever touch mould.  Got it!?  It just FREAKS ME OUT!  I know it’s irrantional, and hell, penicillin stemmed from mould or whatever, but I don’t care.  There’s something about it that makes me feel all shuddery with revolt inside!  

If ever something falls down the back of the black bag in my kitchen bin, and I don’t notice and it gets a bit mouldy – the bin goes in the wheelie bin! I’ll buy another before I will clean it.  Though lately I’ve tried leaving said kitchen bin out in the rain overnight with the lid off… this SOMETIMES will make the mould/foost flush away when I empty it, if so way-hey saves me some cash on buying another, but if not – then it’s into the wheelie bin it goes!

I’m weird.  I know.
Louise xXx

>The River Ness is the view from my home.


I was excited when I seen the prompt for this weeks The Gallery.  The prompt was “Outside my front door”.

 I live along the River Ness which flows from Loch Ness though my city of Inverness.  I went along the river to meet a couple of friends for a walk around the Ness Islands.  These are two islands in the middle of the river, connected by footbridges.  I took my camera to snap a couple of shots for The Gallery.  I didn’t get my favourite buildings BEFORE the Castle on my walk, as I was as usual, running late for meeting near the castle.

Clicking these photographs will let you see them in a larger size.

This is Inverness Castle, which I can see in the distance from my kitchen window.

This is Ness Bank Church, built in 1901 in the early gothic revival style:
The following two photographs are of our unfinished St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which is also on the banks of the River Ness.  It was built in the 1860’s and consecrated in 1874.  The second picture, I took with a special setting on the camera, and I quite like it, so included it hoping someone else would too!
The next couple of photographs were taken on the islands in the middle of the River Ness.
The last one there of the trees was included for the fellow Twilight fans, as this picture reminded me of Forks when I seen it.  Does it to you? LOL.
Okay and last but not least, a picture taken on my iPhone of some river visitors in front of my house!
And oh, and another extra (sorry!) – just because I love this picture!
This is what kinda views I get along the river when it’s foggy…

Well that’s The Gallery done and dusted for another week!  I was late this week in putting mine up due to the flooding down in England totally flooding the exchange my internet service provider uses, so I had no internet at all for a couple of days.

Check out The Gallery and see the other posts (and perhaps join in?) by clicking the linky… HERE!