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>Food Glorious Fooooood – Dad’s Birthday


Yes, that was a The Gallery prompt… well it was – Food.  

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Well this picture was taken on September 25th, as it was my Dad’s birthday on the 26th but was working. So my sister-in-law cooked us all a FABULOUS three course home cooked from scratch meal!

Was great spending time with my Dad, brother, sister-in-law, my two baby neices and my wee boy all together. The dinner was DELICIOUS!

The trifle was HUUUUUUGE as you can see here, my Dad about to tuck into it!

Here’s more food my sister-in-law made…!
There were two giant pies!  One was steak pie, and the other chicken pie!  DELICIOUS!  Loved how she made Happy Birthday on the top of each with extra pastry!

Golfing cake!

The bottom one here, is my wee boy tucking in to the birthday cake for his Ganga!  He couldn’t say Grandad as a little baby and called him Ganga, and it’s stuck!  Now his two baby neices will call my Dad Ganga aswell! =)
Food, glorious food!
* Louise *


>Amazon Wish List

>One of my friends recently made a Amazon wish list, something I’ve always thought about doing but never done so. It made it so much easier on chosing something for their birthday!

Sooo since it’s mine soon (11th October!) I have made one, and then if folk wanna use it grand, if not that’s grand too! They could even have a gander to see my tastes in jewellery or whatever too then chose something themselves elsewhere.

When people ask me what I like or what I’d want for my birthday/Christmas or whatever I never know what to say! I usually say “jewellery” but surprisingly never really get it, even tho I’m a cheapy silver lover hehe!

Anyway even if noone uses the wish list, it was hella fun to do! Just browsing and thinking “ooh that’s NICE….” and hitting “add to wish list” haha. It’s like shopping! You still get that buzz of looking for nice things but without the price tag.

Those who reallllly know me will know that I’ve been sorta an internet shopping addict for a while shopping clothing sites etc for the clearance lines just for something to do, and end up buying things just for the sake of it! Well at least today instead of doing that I didn’t buy things never fit or look awful on me and will never return! What a waste of money I know…

Suppose if I see things I like but can’t afford right then I could pop them on there too so I don’t forget, and then can get it myself at a later date too! Oh the famous Russell Memory…

Well here’s a link to the Wish List. Forgot to put it in, had to go back and edit it in (duh!!) but you can find wish lists by searching for peoples names….

My Wish List! click me

Louise x