>Scottish Summers


Wow I’ve only just submitted a Gallery entry – NATURE (click it!) and now the new one is up LOL!  As soon as I seen the theme of PLAYTIME, I just KNEW what picture it HAD to be!

It took this picture a few days ago, for my blipfoto account, and named it “Scottish Summers”.  This is how the kids roll round here… rain?!  BAH!  It’s STILL PLAYTIME, they just get their jackets on and out they go!

Lets face it… this is Scotland.  If they didn’t go out and play in the rain, they’d not get out much to play would they! 😉

Scottish Summers

Happy “Summer” everyone!  I bet you’re seeing more sunshine than we are up here in the Highlands!

Louise xXx

3 responses to “>Scottish Summers

  1. >Lol! Looks like great fun….!

  2. >Oh bless them! We always used to play out in the rain as kids and my girl loves being in the rain and splashing in puddles!!! I forgot how much fun it was until we got caught in a massive storm in Australia……at least that was warm though!!!

  3. >Stunning picture!

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