>Why I want a … new house!


 This post is for the Writing Workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak!  (click for link!) I chose the prompt “Why I want a …. (fill in the blank)”. I haven’t taken part in Josie’s Workshop as much lately, and keep kicking myself saying – just DO it, even if it’s difficult topics to chose from and write about… but this week when I looked at it, I seen “easy” topics in there and thought – aha!  So this is me easing myself in… with a easy topic.

Why I want a … new house!

I’ve been in this flat for 4 years… I bought it brand new as a “part buy – part rent” with Cairn housing association scheme.  I bought 50% of it, in my own name as my wee boys Dad had credit history issues, and thankfully that I did too as we split up just a year after moving into here, and so he moved out and I kept the house with the wee boy.  When I sell up I’ll get 50% and Cairn will get 50%.

I quite like where I live as its along the banks of the river which flows through my lovely city and therefore only a 10 minute walk into the city centre which is pretty fantastic when you don’t drive!  My neighbours are all nice enough and we do the whole chatting whilst we’re outside thing…  catching up in each others news and what not, but we don’t actively help each other out with childcare, pop in for cups of tea and all the other things I wish I had the guts to have tried when we all first moved in here!  When we all did first move in, we did Ann Summers parties at each others houses… that was fun!  I had hoped that kinda female bonding and fun would’ve moved on to something more with us, but it never did.  Life gets in the way I guess as well as my lack of confidence.

My main next door neighbour “S” who I chatted the most to with, has moved out of that house due to their relationship breaking up.  He takes his boy, my wee boys friend, most weekends now, so D doesn’t see as much of him anymore.  I went to S when I had problems in the house, or my bike etc, as he always had the tool I needed, or the advice I needed!  Basically – he was the “man” when I needed one around here with stuff lol!  Really nice bloke who is well missed amongst the neighbours and I as our “Mr Fix-It”.  The girl to the other side of me, who is also D’s friend now has a baby brother… and her parents have told me they too are looking to move to a 3 bedroomed place, as they’ve now got a child of each sex.  Everything is changing… I need change too!

My house too has many faults.  Cairn never got off their rear ends to ever bother sorting out the snagging issues with this house!  Many phone calls, and visits from the bosses seeing the problems and telling me “yes, that’s not good, yes that needs to be rectified…” but they never actually bothered TO fix them.  Therefore my house still has many issues that just made me hate the place.  Yes, I hate this flat – it brings me down, and I don’t want, nor need that.  I need change!

For many years I’ve not bothered looking after it thinking “what the F is the point???” as it’s been a losing battle to get Cairn to do anything bout the issues in here… but now I’m in a happier place these days and I’m thinking – I just want to move!  I’ve always wanted a 3 bedroomed house with a garden that the wee man can play in.  So why not try and actually GET one?!  Nothing happens whilst we sit around on our arses… A new bigger house would make me happier.  I’d have more space, the place wouldn’t get so cluttered, I’d have an ATTIC to store things away that I need to keep, but don’t need out on view etc.  I’d have a spare bedroom so folk could come over and stay, and it’d also be a “den” that room.   I’d have a garden to lay out on, when there’s a rare hot day here… and somewhere to throw barbeques!  Daniel would be able to have garden toys.  I could even attempt to grow my own potatoes etc if I fancied it!  A new bigger house like I’ve described is the “next step” for me, and I want to take it…

So lately I’ve been decluttering, and trying to get the house up to the standard where I can sell the damn thing… and it’s gonna take ages.  However, my boyfriends been helping me and it’s coming along albeit slowly!  But I have a plan.

Once I’ve decluttered as much as I can and have got the place TIDY, then I’ll get folk in to fix these issues… which will be costly I bet, but not much I can do about that.  I can’t sell the place when the two bedrooms lights are temperamental whether they will turn on for you or not, and when the bathroom and hall lights don’t work at all!!  Not to mention the fact that the only phone socket that works in the house is the main one inside the hall cupboard – so I’ve got a long wire trailing from there down the hall for the phone!  That’s just two of the issues, but the “main” two I need to get sorted.  I’ll also need to replace the lino in the bathroom and I’m going to repaint the rooms that need touching up – all neutral type colours of course.  Only THEN will I take folk around to value it, and then I’ll see if selling up and buying a bigger place is feasable, which it should be.  However if it’s not – I’ll have a house that’s clean, tidy, organised, fresh AND has no annoying issues that drag me down! Win Win really!

So why do I want a new house?  I’m doing it for the Win!

Louise xXx

4 responses to “>Why I want a … new house!

  1. >That sounds like fantastic plan. I hope you get just what you want!

  2. >That sounds like a great plan – and decluttering will help everything too. Hope you find the perfect place with a yard for wee man to run around in.. :)Stopped in from Josie's.

  3. >I like a gal with a plan! Impressed that you're so organised about it all!Might be wise to get them in to value when it's tidy before you do all the other bits to see if it's worth doing them or whether the difference in price will be negligible. Just an idea. Also I'd tell Cairn that they need to fix the stuff, if it's their job make them do it!Good luck with it all 🙂

  4. >LOL do you not think I've TRIED telling Cairn? Four years hun… they don't give a shit. I just warn off everyone from Cairn now… tell them not to touch one of their houses with a bargepole! They don't give two hoots bout any of their tennents!Good idea about getting them in prior to sorting electrics etc out… might just do that. And ask what would value be fixed?Thanks for the comments everyone!!Onwards and upwards!

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