>Jolly Holidays!

>Yay I’m on holiday from work!!  This is a holiday with a difference though – tomorrow I’m off with my wee man, to visit Livi of Livis’ Little Bubble aka @Princess_L_88 on the Twitter!  She lives in England on sorta the West Coast sorta area… sorry my geography is utter crap!  Couldn’t even point to Glasgow on a blank map of the UK and I’m FROM Scotland!  Bah!

I’ve been chatting to Livi for over a year now on the Twitter/Skype/Facebook and good ol’ texting, and she’s fantabulous!  Call her my SFAM – Sista From Anotha Mista.

She’s got a whole itinerary worked out for our stay (she’s the organised one!)… we’re gonna have SUCH fun, but we’ll also be shattered I bet!  We’re off to a railway heritage museum, Alton Towers, a Zoo and Drayton Manor – to go to Thomas Land that is there!!!   Daniel will be SO stoked!   He’s been asking to go there for a year or two since he found out of its existance really!  He used to say he wanted to be a train driver – now he says he wants to be a train driver at Thomas Land!   I’ll ask for an application form whilst I’m down there… well ya don’t ask ya don’t get do ya!?  And surely with that kinda dream job there’ll be a waiting list…? LOL!

We’re gonna do a guest blog swaparoo whilst I’m down too!  That will be pretty damn fun too, so look out for that mayhem guys.

You should see the SIZE of my suitcase I’m bringing that is jam packed with stuff… however a lot of it is clothing I never wear mainly brand new etc, so I’m planning to try ’em on for Livi during a girly night of facemasks and what not and what doesn’t suit me/fit etc will be STAYING with her, and going to the charity shop she volunteers at for Hope House which is a charity of children’s hospices… surely one of the saddest things in the world – when a parent is going to lose a child.  It’s a wonderful charity and I’m pleased to be helping out by donating a ton of stuff to them!  I also have stuff of Daniel’s that I’m taking down that are going to the shop too.   As some of you know my wee man has a rare illness Occult Spinal Dysraphism and may need countless operations in his life, and so this brings this kind of charity very close to my heart.

So tomorrow morning the chaos begins that is getting me and the wee man from the North of Scotland to deep within England!   3 trains.  So two changes!   With what seems like enough packing for a MONTH let alone a week… it’s gonna be… “interesting” hahahaha.  Oh well, if you’re not following me on the Twitter, my username is @WeeWifie1981 and no doubt I’ll be tweeting throughout the journey for my sanity’s sake.  I think I’ve got more than enough things to keep the wee man occupied and off my back during the journey, so keep your fingers crossed for me for as stress-free journey as possible!

I can’t wait to meet Livi though… gonna be awesome!

Louise xXx

3 responses to “>Jolly Holidays!

  1. >Sounds like you are all gonna have such great fun!Enjoy the trip, and look forward to hearing all about it x

  2. >So excited! Can't wait to see you tomorrow šŸ˜€

  3. >I've already got my name down for the train drivers job at Thomas Land so I'm afraid the little fellow will have to wait for his turn! I hope that you have a fab time.

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