>Still Life Femur


This is the femur component of a total hip replacement. It is an Exeter stem.

This photo is a tiny glimpse into the job I adore as an operating theatre nurse with orthopaedics being my main base and specialty.

This is the hip implant on top of one of the metal theatre trollies, and I love how it turned out!

My boss when he gave it to me said “Here’s a present for you, it was refunded by the rep as the attatchment had a fault… nice ornament for you?!”.

to which I replied with thanks, and that I’d get it tattooed where it will inevitably go when I’m old and needing my hip replaced 😉

This is a few hundred pounds worth of implant here… what shall I do with it?!  Frame!? LOL! 

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This post was for The Gallery photograph workshop!

The theme was “Still Life”.

Check it out by pushing it’s button below!

5 responses to “>Still Life Femur

  1. >fantastic shot, especially for the theme! Really interesting!

  2. >Wow, now that is the epitome of still life in so many ways!

  3. >thanks guys for the comments =)Yep Booperkit… soon as the boss offered me to take this home I thought oooooooh good for the Still Life choice.

  4. >How very cool – and a wee bitty scary 🙂

  5. >I love the way this object looks captivating in this shot- it's clean lines gleaming. So so simple and yet so so stunning. Really like it. It looks a bit like a shiny metal boomerang or is that a just me??

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