>Actually DOING SOMETHING about it…

>You know when you hear about something closing down, or something in trouble and you moan and whinge about it… you say to your friends how terrible it is, and you moan some more?  Sound familiar?  It sure does to me… I’ve been there tons of times before.  Well yesterday I stopped moaning and actually did something about it!

I live just on the outskirts of one of the most deprived areas of my town.  Luckilly where I am it’s very nice, and my neighbours and I are all very civil and/or friendly with each other.  Well there’s a new centre nearby that opened at the beginning of the year as a community arts venue.  I’m all for more things in the community for the community to use, and getting children off the streets or their backsides at home!  Shouldn’t everyone be?  That’s the way I’ve always felt about such things, but never actually done anything about it of course…
My son came home from school earlier in the year full of enthusiasm at something his teacher told him was starting up… it’s an Arts, Crafts, Dance and Drama club for children.  It’s only £4 a session for two and a half hours and they’re held the last Saturday of every month.  It’s run by the local Theatre here in my city, but from our local community arts venue.  He was so excited about it. 
When I went to collect him there was quite a few children there and their parents.  We were all smiling at the children finishing off doing a drama game.  The children were so happy and having such fun!   Daniel’s loved it ever since… he looks forward to going there so much he’s forever asking when it’s that Saturday!
However the numbers dwindled… last month when I went to collect him there was only two children there – and he was one of them.  This month when I took him along there was only him and one other – but this cother hild was a new one that had never been before.  They told me they were only going to put on a half session due to only having the two kids and would only charge us half…
That got me thinking… “This club is in real danger of being cancelled for good…” then “What can I do to help!?”.   Being the internet lover that I am, I firstly thought… the internet and social media networking!  So whilst Daniel was playing at the club, and having a great time (as always!) I hit the internet hard.
I’ve contacted the local press, a local news website who is also on Twitter, and on my friends list.  I’ve posted it on that news websites Facebook wall too, and he has kindly replied at what a great loss this club would be if it were cancelled etc.  Thanks Marc!  I’ve also posted the information on my own twitter and facebook wall, as well as the facebook walls of our local radio station and city facebook page.
When I returned to collect Daniel, I mentioned the poor numbers and what a shame it was to the workers there.  One of them said to me, “We sent out leaflets to the schools before we started the sessions, there’s really not much else we can do, but it’s a real shame that the numbers aren’t higher”.  She also said that they were thinking the club should perhaps just be a winter one, as maybe they would get more numbers then…  
I then spoke with the two people there about what I had done.  They were really pleased that I had taken it upon myself to promote the clubs.   I also said that if my son hadn’t reminded me of the clubs I would have totally forgotten all about it, and that life just gets in the way and you forget things, and that I bet a lot of parents had already forgotten this club was in existance… that I was hoping by getting it some more publicity it would help get the numbers back up to what they were the first month!
So here’s hoping… I’ve got my fingers crossed!
My son loves the groups… he’s taken much more interest in books and reading now, as well as arts and crafts and making things.  Here’s a picture of him painting stones!  Much better for him than sitting around playing the wii…
To get children out there socialising with others, experiencing the joys of dance and drama as well as arts and crafts, tearing them away from the computer consoles our children love so much… it can only be a good thing.  To have it go down the pan from lack of publicity would be a travesty!
So I’ve taken some of it on… and as Tesco say… “Every little helps!”, and you know what.. I feel better from having done something about it…

Here’s the link I’ve been sharing about that tells you about the projects etc:

L x

3 responses to “>Actually DOING SOMETHING about it…

  1. >Well done you 😀 That's awesome! If only there were more people like you in the world. I hope it does get the numbers up because, as you say, it's so important to show kids that there's great fun to be had without computers and TV's and games consoles.

  2. >Go you ;-)I hope everything works out for you x x

  3. >Well done you, I hope that it all works out for you xx

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