Me at work… and after a mess about on the iPhone Photoshop app!

Me all ready to go see New Moon for the first time in the cinema earlier this year!

Wearing my Edward New Moon t-shirt that my boyfriend bought for me haha.

So there you go!  A variety of recent self-portrait pics of me!
You don’t wanna see one of me right now as I’ve got a skin reaction on my face!  Yuck!  
L x
* * * * *
This post was for The Gallery.
The prompt was “self-portrait”.
Check it out by clicking below!

5 responses to “>Self-Portrait

  1. >I love all your photos but the first one is my fave – i want something that does that lol except I have a Blackberry and not an I-phone (boooo!) so I prob won't get one.

  2. >Ow wow, you and Susan K Mann could be sisters:-)

  3. >Looking gorgeous, as always.

  4. >Yes I see Chelle's point. Probably the top one of mine and the second one of yours do look v similar. The dark hair and glasses. I wouldn't mind swapping blue for brown eyes for a wee change. xx

  5. >You look great, very sexy as well 😉

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