>Karma is a bitch…

>Karma.  It well and truly got me the other day…

I do not like eyes.  They make me queasy.

I was at work, as a nurse in operating theatres when there was an eye case on the operating list.  It was the beginning of the shift and we were discussing who would scrub for each case.  I mentioned my eye phobia (which is kinda a strong word for what it is), to the team leader and said I really didn’t think I should be in the theatre during that case as felt queasy just thinking about it, and that I may actually pass out as just can’t deal with the idea of something being in an eye.

As you can tell with my photograph – I wear glasses.  No contact lenses for me no thank you!!

Okay, a bit of background to my eye fears… I once had to run away from a patient in the anaesthetic room.  I had to dash back into theatre, as they went to take out contact lenses in front of me without warning!  Oh I felt so queasy and horrible… though the patient, anaethetist and surgeon all thought it extremely funny!  Humph.  To those contact lense wearers out there… please… give warning to others before you start poking your fingers in your eyeballs!

So it was agreed I would not be in theatre during the eye case, and the fellow nurses made a few jokey but nice comments on my eye thing!

Well wouldn’t karma come and strike me down later that shift!!!

I went to go and immerse a specimen in formalin which is a formaldehyde solution we use to preserve the specimens for histology.  I was wearing all my personal protection equipment as stated in policy (and common sense land I guess!  Ya know… goggles, mask, the works) and some formalin still managed to bounce up and over my mask and right into my right eye!!

Shit.  It’s toxic.

I have to run to A+E to clerk in but told it’s a few hours wait (what!?), well it’s a good job I work in a hospital huh!  I came straight back to theatre and the colleagues who took the mick outta me for my eye issues, then had to sit me in the anaethetist chair and use a giving set to irrigate my eye with a litre of saline!  Yep… they had to hold open my eye and pour tons of saline into it.  It was quite funny though, as they were soaking me to the skin!   It helped me not freak out as much… though in the middle I couldn’t breathe properly as saline was going from my eye down the back of my nose and throat (all connected in there lol) and I did tell them I couldn’t breathe but they thought it was me just freaking out and carried on so I had to jolt upright and knocked the kidney dish that was collecting the saline after it was going from my eye… all over me!   It’s a good job I was on call that night and had more underwear with me as it didn’t just soak my scrubs!

So I waited up in theatre, eye sore til I got called to A+E nearly 4 hours later.  The doctor down there wanted me to put two drops of anaesthetic stuff into my eye… err… I had to tell her there was no chance I was putting something into my own eye!!  Damn.  Now this doctor knows my eye issues…  and has to break the news to me that they need to put a PH strip onto my eye!!  Oh shit… one minute they’re talking to me like a fellow professional, the next they’re speaking to me like someone with a phobia… telling me to just concentrate on the Tiger on the wall… and I felt like a child.  That PH strip going on my eye was awful, just thinking about it again now is making me imagine it in my eye again *shudders*.   They the doctor tells me they are going to put a drop into my eye that will make my eye orange!  What another drop?!  Are we not done yet?!  Damn!  So I endure that too… and she examines my eye and tells me it is irritated but there’s no damage.  Thank goodness for that!!  That cheered me up no end… until she said she was then needing to put another two drops of the anaesthetic drops into my eye again!  I honestly thought it would never end… but thankfully that was the final time something foreign was going in my eye!

This is my eye afterwards…

The yellowy stuff is the coloured dye the doctor put in my eye working its way out of it.  The redness is because I’m currently having face skin problems due to the theatre masks!  It was pretty well moisturised and covered in foundation til my saline shower washed it all off and dried my face up making it temporarily flare up really bad lol!

The main thing is that my eye is okay, and so I am lucky it all turned out well.  I only had to deal with a subsequent day and half or so of eye pain til it dulled off to just a slight irritation.

However, the eye case did not even go ahead!



3 responses to “>Karma is a bitch…

  1. >That's nemesis and a half… An hopefully all the bad eye-karma you're entitled to in this lifetime!

  2. >lol, you poor thing! Glad you're ok, but that is quite a funny story!

  3. >haha yeah it was quite funny actually! Despite the fact I had poison in my eye… I didn't freak out about that… just the fact OTHER things were gonna go in my eye that I was thinking about! hehe!The showering from the girls at work was hillarious though… I just wish I'd gotten one of them to take a photo of me after they'd had their way with the saline shower!Alls well now though and pain all gone. Yay!

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