>Secret Post Club – April

>For those not in the know, Heather over at Notes from Lapland runs an awesome Secret Post Club for bloggers to swap gifts, like a “Secret Santa” type thing once a month!

Last month I decided to join this fantastic club!  It sounded like such fun… who doesn’t love receiving presents!?
So last month I got my first ever parcel from the lovely Sarah aka Blissbubbley!  Sarah is someone I already followed on Twitter and her blog, and it was kinda nice having my first sender be a familiar face so to speak!
Sarah used my Day Zero Project as her inspiration for my package.  The project is to list 101 things you’d like to do and you have 1001 days to achieve them!

I have a lovely photography album now for storing photos of the events as I do them for my Day Zero Project.  Two balloons for Daniel and I to blow up, tie a note to and set them free in the wind… something I’ve always fancied doing!  There is also a hair magazine as I really want to have my hair re-styled and coloured.  I’ve used this already for inspiration on different ways to style my hair.  However I currently can’t have it cut and dyed as I’ve developed severe psoriasis of the scalp in the last month or two!  I’m currently trialling my 3rd different treatment, so am hoping it’s third time lucky and it clears the psoriasis up, then I’m gonna get the chop!!

Thank you Sarah!!  I loved the thoughtfulness that went into my package!
I’ll let you know when I’ve done the balloon post… I’m sure there will be a blog on that – with photographs!
L x

3 responses to “>Secret Post Club – April

  1. >ive never heard about this before but it sounds well fun! can anyone join?

  2. >Yep John! Well, you have to have a blog, but you and your Mrs both do, so you qualify. Could both do it! LOL!Click on "secret post club" above, as it's a linky and will take you to the site with info etc. It's such fun! I love finding new people through it, and looking through their blogs looking for inspiration for a gift that means something to them.Also receiving presents… love it!

  3. >i just tried and there not accepting new members till well like a few months 😦 *sad* thanks anyway lol

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