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I have a confession.  It’s been several weeks now since my last Writing Workshop post.  I am sorry.  I truly am. I will admit I’ve looked at the prompts, but nothing has really grabbed me lately… I’ve not been able to think of what to write about for the prompts, or been unable to, as I feel I cannot write freely because of various reasons.  So I’m back now, with this weeks prompt of 
5. What do you need to do more of? What do you need to do less of?”

It takes about 5 seconds upon walking into my house for outsiders to tell what I need to do more of, and that is cleaning, tidying and organising!!  What I need to do less of is definately hoarding – that one is right there up at the top!!
I’m messy.  I’ve always been messy.  You can ask my parents (actually Dad pops by my blog so Dad, I’m sorry for the messy room over the years!).  I was a messy child, an even messier teenager, and I’m now a messy adult.  I have messy in my DNA.
My son is messy too… but I don’t know if that’s nature or nurture to be honest!  It is probably both, as afterall my Dad was very tidy and we used to have to have massive “cleaning days” where it was all hands on deck for hours on end (or it FELT like that when I was a child!).  I detested those days when Dad decided it was time for a huge clean.  I still grew up messy though!  So poor Daniel has a messy mother and probable messy DNA.  His room is always like a bomb-site too!  He’s only 6!  I dread to think what it’ll be like when he is a teenager.  However, unlike my parents I don’t think I’ll care too much, being messy myself, as long as he keeps his mess to his room, then I don’t need to see it do I?  I used to say that to my own folks as a teenager… that if it was my room, what was it to them that it was messy?  They didn’t have to look at it.  I did and I was happy to live not seeing the carpet, so why couldn’t they?
I’m 28 by the way.  I just realised writing that, I’m sounding very much like a teenager.  I think it comes down to that in many ways I still feel like a teenager.
So… back to the topic.  I need to spend more time cleaning!  I used to live by the rule of  “A clean home is a sign of a wasted life”.  In fact I had a mug that had this on it.  Was gutted when the handle snapped off it.   However when my house is tidier, I’m happier.  I’ve finally made that connection.  
Out with my old motto and in with my new one – “A clean home is the sign of a happy mind”.
So I need to keep up this cleaning thing.  I’ve finally found what works for me – loud music and Twitter lol.   Yes!  That is my key!  I’ve also found that after my driving lesson I’m naturally charged up and buzzing, and this is a good time to clean.  So loud music I can sing along to or dance about the house to, and Twitter on the computer screen to tweet away now and then so it’s not “all work and no play”.  I thought it would distract me, but it doesn’t, it works as a way to reward myself… I’ll think “okay, finish this lot of dishes then you can check your Twitter Louise!”.  
I also really want to get a cleaner in. It’s something I’ve said I’ve wanted since I was a nursing student doing full time university, whilst also a single Mum, and working part time at Tesco, and tons of coursework and assignments!   However now I’m earning it could be a reality.  It’s also keeping me focused.  If I can get this place really clean and tidy and organised I’ll get a cleaner in.  I actually think getting a cleaner in once a week or so, would give me more incentive to keep it tidier… after all, I’d not want someone coming into a huge amount of untidiness!!
I was addicted to internet shopping… it stemmed from being stuck in the house not being able to get out, and it was a good “lift” to shop online for bargains.  However, a lot of this was basically clutter!  I also bought a lot of clothes and shoes that either never fit or didn’t suit me but I never ever returned!  What a waste of cash, even if they are a bargain!  However last year I gave all this excess stuff to my brother and sister-in-law to get rid of for me at a car boot sale and got them to keep the cash.  I just wanted RID of it!  It was piled up against all the walls of my bedroom!!  Yes, that bad.   
Last year I really started having a huge clear out of things, like all my old school stuff… did I really need all my school work I ever did?  No.  Did I need all my old Nancy Drew books?  No.  I gave them away to a friends young teenage sister, who is immensely enjoying the books I grew up reading and loving.  I’ve passed the torch on.

Now when I shop online, I only buy things I will definately use like books, I love to read.  Clothes I buy online must be from shops where there is a store in my town so I can return them to store, or offer free returns via the post. 

I still buy things online, however it’s mainly gifts now!  I’ve started my Christmas shopping already.  When I get the urge to internet shop – I buy presents!  Birthday presents and Christmas presents.  I have a Word document to keep up with my purchases.
I’m getting there…
I’m nearly 30, and I’m getting there… out of the teenage mindset! 😉
L x

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