>The male in my life


This is my boy on his first day of school in September 2009.  He’s six, and could’ve started the year before, but I chose to have him start when he was six.  It was such a big day for him!  He was looking forward to it for months before hand… so eager to be a big boy!  
That day was big for me too… another milestone passed with no major complications having arised as a result of Daniel’s Occult Spinal Dysraphism – the rare neurological disorder that he was born with.
It was so strange when the realisation hit me – I had a child in Primary School…!??
There is just me and the wee man living in this house.  The male in my life.  My one consistent.  There will always be “Louise and Daniel”.
with love from 
Louise and Daniel
* * * * *
This post was for The Gallery.  Week 11.
The theme was “men”.
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3 responses to “>The male in my life

  1. >When I was pregnant I was convinced I was having a boy and almost bought a babygro saying "mum's new man" asI knew as a single mum my baby would be my number one, my all. I understand exactly how you feel. My baby is my one consistent.(As it turned out I had a girl!)

  2. >Lovely post and photo. He looks like a little angel – I bet he's not!

  3. >Oh, he looks so happy and excited.

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