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 Welcome to my Kreativ Blogger…
This is a simple one (or not so!) as I’ve to tell you 7 things I’ve not told on here before!
I kinda got behind in my award blogs as I was pretty busy for a while!  So thank you to the lovely ladies who nominated me for this one:
Fabby Dara at Readily A Parent who has quite a quirky take on this task!
* * * * *

1. TV shows must be watched in chronological order!

Yes this is a major thing for me haha… but I just CAN’T start watching a TV show from anywhere else but the very beginning!  I’m the same with films.  What is the point in starting watching one mid-way through?? I just can’t understand why anyone would… it baffles me!
I do love to watch TV series though, and do watch quite a few…  House, Lie to Me, Bones,  Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Nurse Jackie, Cougar Town, Trauma and Rescue Me.  Those are my current ones airing that I’m watching! Phew!  I do love my TV series…
2.  I electrocuted my younger brother.
We were both in primary school and my Dad was cutting the back garden’s grass.  We lived in a flat at the time where we had the top floor, and someone else had the bottom floor.  Our back garden was behind THEIR back garden at the back of the flat… and our garden was huuuuuge!  Made it terribly difficult to cut the grass.
Dad run a few extension leads from my bedroom window (which was in the middle) down the the garden and lawnmower.  He asked me to go plug it in so he could join a few together.  However I turned it on at the mains too, as I just couldn’t be bothered having to return all the way up afterwards to turn it on!  My brother to plug the lawnmower into the extension leads… and BANG.  He was electrocuted… and was quite a big jolt he got too!!  It gave us all a fright, though I’m guessing it scared HIM the most since he was on the receiving end!
Oh boy did I get a row for that one!  He was okay though… promise!  He’s here to tell the tale… and rub my nose in it, at any opportunity!  

3.  I have Spheksophobia!!
I have a phobia of wasps… but before you think anything let me tell you why
As a child in primary school some friends and I were playing hide and go tig, and I was running and I stepped into this little small bush by mistake… BIG mistake.  I stepped right through a hive.  Now that will really piss the buggers off!! I had hundreds of wasps stinging me all over, but mainly my legs that blasted through their home.  The rest then swarmed me… they followed me, stinging me all the way as I run home screaming… hundreds of the f**kers!!!  My poor mum had to fight off the wasps as she stripped me off and got me into the bath to get the wasps off me.  I had scarring for years from the multitude of stings I got.  I think I’m lucky though… with the amount of stings I got, I could’ve went into anaphylactic shock though and it could’ve been game over for me! 
Now am I allowed to have this fear? I think I’m entitled! hehe.
4.  My son was named after a character in a film…

In 1992 when I was 11 years old my Mum and I went to see Forever Young, starring Mel Gibson in the cinema.  I’d never heard the name Daniel before (Gibson’s character) and just fell in love with the name there and then, and vowed my first born child would be named Daniel.  11 years later I got my wish!

I also love that film, the storyline, the true love lasting a lifetime thing, and Mel Gibson is truly gorgeous in it!

5. My first ever computer was a ZX Spectrum
When I look at Daniel playing the wii I just think, wow… when *I* was his age, the Spectrum hadn’t even been invented.  When I was in Primary School when the Spectrum came out, I would’ve never dreamed that gaming would get to this sort of advancement!
Our family loved the Spectrum so much though, that we ended up having to get a second as we were always fighting over it!

I loved “Rockstar Ate My Hamster”.  That was one of my favourites!  I also became a fan of simulation games back then… when it was really only football manager type games.  I love the Sims etc nowadays, but I also still enjoy football manager games and play Football Manager on my PC!

My Mum was a mad “Dizzy” series fan.  Remember Dizzy!?  He was awesome!!!
6.  I have held a tarantula and held open a ball python snake’s jaws.

I started going out with my longest-term boyfriend on my 15th birthday (dated just short of 6 years), and he had a tarantula at the time.  He also had an iguana then too that I held.  
I held his tarantula… let it walk along my hands… it was prickly hairy and gave me the shudders even though I’m not scared of spiders!  It still went through my mind… “this is a freaking TARANTULA wifie!!!!”
He ended up getting two snakes too and a gecko when we lived together, but the iguana and tarantula had died by then.
The ball python called Boba (boh-bah) escaped when we lived in a bedsit… a couple of other tenants moved out knowing Boba was on the loose!  Luckilly the landlord was my boyfriends half-brother’s Dad so he didn’t chuck us out.  When he found Boba several months later, he told us and we collected him, half dead.  
I had to call in work to tell them I’d be late in as I was babysitting a python on it’s death bed (well it was on a heat mat)… as my boyfriend was literally RUNNING to the pet shop where he knew the guy in there who dealt with the exotic animals, for advice etc.  For the next month or so, til Boba regained his strength we had to force feed him food and water.  I had to hold his head and prize open his jaws as my boyfriend forced cubes of food down his poor throat, and syringed water into him.  Boba lived!! It was actually extremely rewarding!
7.  I am EXTREMELY messy…
Everyone who knows me “in real life” knows this fact, though I don’t think I’ve really mentioned it here on my blog.  I am messy.  I am disorganised.  I am a hoarder.  Terrible mix of traits!  Though in the past year I’ve been TRYING to organise the house, and declutter it… I even chucked out the majority of my school stuff.  I had tons of jotters etc going back to primary school.
I really wish I had a magic wand, as I’d ask to pleaaaaaaaaaaaase not be messy anymore!
Louise x

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3 responses to “>Kreativ Blogger

  1. >OUCH! that wasp story is awful, can't imagine the pain you must have been in.Really interesting story about the pythons too!

  2. >No wonder you're scared of wasps – I would be too!My first computer was a ZX Spectrum, the noise when it was loading up was sooo annoying!

  3. >I would be really scared of wasps to, I am I have hit a nest before doing some work in a garden and it is bloody scary isn't it. Although I was an adult then I would have thought it is a million times worse as a child x

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