>What’s in my handbag?

>17th April 2010
I got nominated by my good online friend Livi.  Check out hers here… clicky click!

Okay… good day for this!  Just in the door from an afternoon road trip with my Dad and my son out to Cullen area of Scotland.  Home of Cullen Skink icky rank (in my opinion anyway!) fish soup!  This place now however, just reminds me of Twilight.  Doesn’t take much these days.  I’m getting to be such a Twihard!  My ancestors lived in this area in the 1800’s so we went there gravehunting as the main objective, but also just did a wee bit of scooting aboot having a nosy, like down to the harbours etc.  So pretty!

Son is now outside playing with the two kid neighbour pals of his, so I thought I’d catch up on the blogging tags I’d been given.  I’ve not yet disturbed the bag since I got in…

You’ll soon see the messy, disorganised hoarder that I am!!!

Bag would normally be WORSE but only had it just over a week.  It’s the brand Atticus – a brand founded by Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus of blink-182, my favourite band.

We have:

2 bottles flavoured water by MacB.

Madrid purse my boyfriend bought for me in February from Madrid airport after my purse was nicked on the metro just outside the airport when we were on our way home!

pair of Sony noise cancelling headphones

iPhone 3GS

business card for the City Cafe Birmingham.  The cafe in the City Inn that I stayed in when on my course at beginning of this week!

the cover for my room card for the hotel!

Train tickets and national rail wallet from my journey!

Passport.  Had this on me in Birmingham for ID!  I’m 28 but still routinely get carded!

1 chocolate chunk and pecan biscuit stolen from hotel room as hadn’t eaten it.

The courtesy soap unwrapped in wrapper from hotel room…

ID card from the course, minus the lanyard as it’d fallen off it.

can of Relentless Origin.  Inferno is my favourite, but this was all my old work (a Tesco petrol station) had on the petrol fill up at the end of the journey.  Meant to be off these now, but am exhausted as was up til 4.30am yacking to mate Jason who was over for a catch up and help me host my own blog!  It’s still not quite activated yet, so this’ll not be posted til it is.

Prescription sunglasses in case.

Burberry Brit female spray perfume.  Christmas present from my boyfriend.  I thought “I’m not a chav!” when opened it, but it does smell really nice!

1 mascara
1 lipstick
1 hairbrush
1 liquid eyeliner
1 eyeshadow combo
1 eyeshadow brush

1 tissue
2 pens

1 pair of scissors. 1 empty 8GB HDSD card case.  1 Panasonic Lumix TZ7. Needed these for the trip today!  The card is a new one as my 4GB old one just wasn’t cutting it lol.

various receipts!

£1.05 in change fallen from purse.

1 stray tab of chewing gum that’d fallen from the pack.

Pack of chewing gum, half used.

 I love this new Atticus bag of mine!
Normally it’d have been worse….

Louise xXx

Passing the buck to…

The lovely Sarah over at her blog Sarah’s


fabulous Super Single Mummy!

2 responses to “>What’s in my handbag?

  1. >wow, that's a lot of stuff! Prepared for every eventuality! lol!

  2. >Cheers for the tag!! Off to delve into mine now lol!

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