>How to confuse your child.

>I changed my parting from my side parting that I’ve used for many years, back to a side parting.  Partly because of the recent scalp psoriasis breakout that I’ve been suffering and trying to cure for the last month!  Partly because I have been wearing the front hair parts plaited and clipped up.  Looks quite nice, and different (for me) and keeps my long and desperately needing cut hair out my face!

However, Daniel noticed this hair parting the other day.
“You’ve got a white line down your head…. that means it’s gonna crack open…”.  With this he holds his hands in front of him, and opens them like a book and makes a “ccraaaaaaaacccckkkk” noise.
“… and then you’ll be dead!!”.
I laughed so hard!!  Couldn’t actually reply to him, that no, my head was not going to “crack open”, and explain what a parting was for a while!  Laughing came first.  Poor child… but it was too funny!
L x

One response to “>How to confuse your child.

  1. >lol! Bless that boy!

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