>The River Ness is the view from my home.


I was excited when I seen the prompt for this weeks The Gallery.  The prompt was “Outside my front door”.

 I live along the River Ness which flows from Loch Ness though my city of Inverness.  I went along the river to meet a couple of friends for a walk around the Ness Islands.  These are two islands in the middle of the river, connected by footbridges.  I took my camera to snap a couple of shots for The Gallery.  I didn’t get my favourite buildings BEFORE the Castle on my walk, as I was as usual, running late for meeting near the castle.

Clicking these photographs will let you see them in a larger size.

This is Inverness Castle, which I can see in the distance from my kitchen window.

This is Ness Bank Church, built in 1901 in the early gothic revival style:
The following two photographs are of our unfinished St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which is also on the banks of the River Ness.  It was built in the 1860’s and consecrated in 1874.  The second picture, I took with a special setting on the camera, and I quite like it, so included it hoping someone else would too!
The next couple of photographs were taken on the islands in the middle of the River Ness.
The last one there of the trees was included for the fellow Twilight fans, as this picture reminded me of Forks when I seen it.  Does it to you? LOL.
Okay and last but not least, a picture taken on my iPhone of some river visitors in front of my house!
And oh, and another extra (sorry!) – just because I love this picture!
This is what kinda views I get along the river when it’s foggy…

Well that’s The Gallery done and dusted for another week!  I was late this week in putting mine up due to the flooding down in England totally flooding the exchange my internet service provider uses, so I had no internet at all for a couple of days.

Check out The Gallery and see the other posts (and perhaps join in?) by clicking the linky… HERE!

13 responses to “>The River Ness is the view from my home.

  1. >It all looks so fresh and lovely. Thanks for these 🙂

  2. >Bloody hell fire that's some view!

  3. >You have the most gorgeous views I could imagine – you are so lucky 😉

  4. >oh it's gorgeous, now on my list of places to visit! When I get some cash I'm coming to see you!

  5. >Thank you guys!!My city and the River Ness with it's amazing old buildings and churches, castle and cathedral, are very popular with the tourists. I walk along the river to go to town for the bus to/from work and if I'm not in a rush I'll often assist tourists in taking photographs of their whole party with the castle in the background (from a walking bridge across the river). What can I say? I'm a photo junkie, and I can't help but volunteer to give the tourists a good picture with everyone in it! I'd love the same if it were me as the tourist…Living along this river helps with my love of old buildings… I get to gawp at a lot of them most days!And Livi, on ya come up!!

  6. >ok Louise, now I dream when I see your "home" ! I've always wished to visit scotland, and a lot more now !thank you for these beautiful pictures, and see you next week ! Céline, from paris-ankara express blog

  7. >Oh lucky you…you must live in one of THE most beautiful parts of the country. I love it around there. Lovely pictures.

  8. >That foggy picture is so great (well they all are) makes me miss Scotland!

  9. >I grew up in a Redwood forest, like the area around Forks, and the trees on the Islands sometimes clobber me with homesickness, especially on slightly foggy days.

  10. >What I love about this week's gallery is how different the areas we all live in are. I forget how varied and exciting this Island is! Thank you for these…. Oh, and Forks (about an hour from where my brother lives) is MUCH wetter even than Scotland….

  11. >I thought for a moment the first picture was your house…. was most impressed!!!

  12. >Just after I met my husband he moved up to your part of the world for 6 months to work in the hospital in Elgin. I will have to show him these pics as he loves to be reminded of his home country (Edinburgh born, Uni in Aberdeen).I will come and visit Wee Wifie's World again as I love the title!

  13. >Thank you for your lovely comments folks =)Yep planb I think Forks IS wetter than Inverness… I've very sadly added it to my iPhone's weather app so I can check how it's doing over there weatherwise compared to today! How freakin' Twilight obsessive does that make me!? lol.Currently Inverness is 11C and sunny but cloudy. Currently today on Tuesday Forks is 7C and you guessed it… RAINING! as it is Weds, Thurs, Fri…

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