>Bebo have now made new profile mandatory

>Bebo have now forced all members to switch to the new “improved” (aherm!!) profile layout. They have known since they very started trying to switch to this that there is an abundance of members who detest the layout changes so they let us chose which we would like to use. However now it’s become mandatory to use the new layout. I am not impressed!! Along with a huge amount of others.

Bebo is fast losing members as it is, to sites such as Facebook. What I cannot understand is that they know the new profile layout is not popular but they still insist on a mandatory changing to it. Fair enough if they wanted advertising on the page to get more cash. They could’ve stuck it somewhere on the existing old profile layout too. There was just no need to change to the new layout. This change is going to drive even more members away.

Anyway last night a member took things into his own hands and made a Go Petition for bringing back the old Bebo profile. Here’s the linky:


Somehow I cannot see that work, as the endless mount of negative comments on Bebo’s posts about the new profile, since they very first introduced it haven’t stopped them enforcing it. But I signed anyway.

Louise x

2 responses to “>Bebo have now made new profile mandatory

  1. >They did exactly the same thing on facebook and no amount of petitions made a difference 😦

  2. >yeah I know, I doubt very much that jack squat would happen from the mass public hatred of the new Bebo profile. Thing is they must surely KNOW that they're losing members at an alarming rate, so why would they want to push more away with forcing a much hated change on people? Gets me!

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